Section I: The name of the Organization shall be the Celtic Reenactment Organization for Fellowship and Trades, Incorporated, known as CROFT, an Arizona non-profit Corporation.

Section II: The Objective of the Organization shall be:

A: To promote and publicize the culture, trades and handicrafts of the Celtic Peoples from 400 BC through 1746 AD.

B: To conduct public educational demonstrations and other events to further the goals of CROFT.


Section I: All members 18 (eighteen) years of age or older (at the age of majority), in good standing, shall be entitled to vote on all Corporate Business. All members, regardless of age, in good standing, shall be entitled to vote on Organizational Business. Corporate Business is any business of a legal nature, Organizational Business is any business of a non legal nature. The Elders have final decision as to whether any item is Corporate or Organizational.

Section II: Individual Membership

Membership is open to all persons whose views are consistent with the objectives of the Organization. The Organization reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership to anyone if for any reason the Elders feel their views are not consistent with the Organization and 2/3 (two thirds) of the general membership concur. Membership dues shall be assessed as set forth in Article II, Section II, A, B and C. All Memberships include: 1 (one) copy of all Organizational publications, either to be viewed on the Web site or mailed if the member does not have access to the World Wide Web; invitations to all special events and lectures; and admittance fees to all lectures, workshops, classes and events at member rates.

A: Individual Membership: This membership includes only the individual and includes the right to 1 (one) vote per membership on all business.

B: Household Membership: This membership includes all immediate family members residing in the same house and includes the right of up to 2 (two) votes per membership for all Corporate business and 1 (one) vote per demonstrating individual for all Organizational business.

C: Associate Membership: This membership is only available to persons under the age of 18 years old who are not living in the same household as another CROFT member. This membership has no voting privileges for Corporate business and 1 (one) vote for all Organizational business. This membership also requires written permission from the memberís legal guardian and sponsorship by an adult member of CROFT.

Section III: Annual Dues

Membership dues shall be payable on or before the anniversary date of membership each year, and shall be as follows:

A: Individual Membership - $10.00
B: Household Membership - $15.00
C: Associate Membership - $5.00

Section IV: Application for Membership

Application for membership must be made on a form provided by the Organization. A current yearís dues, as provided above, must accompany said application. Applications and dues shall be given directly to the Factor or sent to the Organizationís address and forwarded to the Factor for filing. All membership dues must be paid by check or money order. All new members shall receive a copy of these by-laws. Those interested in demonstrating must choose a sponsor and be given a membership packet, including information on clothing and possible crafts or trades.

Section V: Termination of Membership

Membership shall be terminated by:

A: Resignation in writing.
B: Lapsing dues; nonpayment within thirty (30) days of annual renewal date.
C: Expulsion as designated under Article IX of these bylaws.


Section I: Gatherings

Gatherings shall be held monthly. Written notice of hour and place of such Gatherings shall be published on the Web Page or mailed by the Scribe to any members who make the request in writing, at least ten (10) days prior to Gathering date. The Quorum of members for such Gathering shall be ten percent (10%) of the membership and also a simple majority of the Elders. In the event that less than 10% (ten percent) of the members are present, all voting issues will be deferred until a Special Gathering can be called or until the next Gathering.

Section II: Special Gatherings

Special Gatherings may be called by any of the Elders as needed. Special Gatherings may also be called by the Scribe upon receipt of a petition signed by a simple majority of the members of the Organization. Written notice of all Special Gatherings shall be sent at least 5 (five) days and not more than ten (10) days prior to the date of the Gathering. Said notice shall state the purpose of the Gathering and no other Organization business shall be transacted there at. The quorum for such a Gathering shall be 10% (ten percent) of the membership of the Organization and shall also have a simple majority of the Elders present. No voting shall take place with less than a quorum present at the Special Gatherings.

Section III: Gathering of the Elders

Gathering of the Elders shall be held prior to or subsequent to the regular monthly Gathering. The quorum for such shall be a simple majority of the Elders.

Section IV: Special Gatherings of the Elders

Special Gatherings of the Elders may be called by the Laird/Lady at his/her discretion or by the Scribe upon receipt of a written request signed by the majority of the Elders. Special Gatherings of Elders may be held by phone, Internet or by personal attendance at such place and hour as may be designated by the person authorized to call such a Gathering. All Elders shall be notified by voice or writing of all Special Gatherings of Elders. The notice shall state the purpose of the Gathering and no other business shall be transacted there at. A quorum for such a Gathering shall be a simple majority of the Elders. All decisions made shall be reported in full at the next Gathering.


Section I: The Elders

The Elders shall be comprised of the elected officers of the Organization. The general management of the Organization's affairs shall be entrusted to the Elders. No Elder may be elected for more than 2 (two) consecutive terms to the same office. The term of office is 1 (one) year for all offices with the exception of the Factor, which shall be a 2 (two) year term. Additional Elected Elders shall be added at the rate of 1 (one) per 25 (twenty-five) new members.

Section II: Elected Officers

A: Laird/Lady (President)(elected)

The Laird/Lady shall preside at all Gatherings and shall have the duties and powers normally appurtenant to the office of Laird/Lady. He/she shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. He/she shall be the official representative of the Organization at all events.

B: Scribe (Secretary)(elected)

The Scribe shall keep a record of all Gatherings, of all other matters for which an official record shall be ordered by the Organization, and will have charge of all CROFT correspondence.

C: Factor (Treasurer)(elected)

The Factor shall receive all money due the Organization and keep a proper record of the same, shall pay all demands when duly authorized by the Organization, and shall report the financial condition at each Gathering. The Financial records shall be audited by the Laird/Lady and one qualified person, appointed by the Elders from the regular membership by September 30 and March 30 of each year. An outside Audit may be done yearly but shall be done at least every three years by a CPA. The Factor or Laird/Lady shall sign the authorized checks drawn on the Organization funds. The Factor shall issue a written receipt for all cash transactions.

D: Over Laird/Lady (Past President)

The Over Laird/Lady is responsible for running the Gatherings if for any reason the Laird/Lady are not in attendance. The Over Laird/Lady shall only vote in order to break a tie.

Section III: Appointed Officers

A: Fiann (Sergeant at Arms)(appointed)

The Fiann maintains order at all meetings of the Organization by enforcing Robertís Rules of Order.

B: Crier (Web Editor)(appointed)

The Crier maintains the Organizationís Web page and updates or adds any new articles or information to the Web page.

C: Clark (Keeper of the Data Base)(appointed)

The Clark is responsible for compiling and updating the Organizationís Data Base of all members, their addresses and phone numbers, and generating such information as necessary for correspondence.

Section IV: Vacancies

If any vacancy occurs in the Elders during the year, the vacancy shall be temporarily filled for the unexpired term of office by a majority vote of all the remaining members of the Elders at its first Gathering following the vacancy. If the Elders are unable to reach a consensus, the normal nomination and election process, as outlined in Article VI, Section II, shall be used by the voting membership of the Organization to elect a new officer. A Special Gathering will be held immediately thereafter to ratify or veto any appointment by a simple majority of members. If ratified, the appointed Elder will remain for the unexpired term of office. If vetoed or if there is no simple majority, the normal nomination and election process, as outlined in Article VI, Section II, shall be used by the Organization to elect a new officer.

Section V: Removal from Office

All Elders are subject to removal from office as provided for by the following procedures:

A: The Elder is removed by a 2/3 (two-thirds) vote of the membership present and voting at a Special Gathering called under the provisions of Article III, Section II, for that purpose.

B: The Elder resigns in writing.


Section I: Purpose

From time to time the CROFT membership or Elders will establish policies or rules associated with the conduct of CROFT business. In order to ensure that the policies and rules are well communicated and understood, the Rules and Policies file book is established.

Section II: Rules and Policies

A: A rule or policy is established by a 2/3 (two-thirds) vote of the membership present at a lawful Gathering.

B: No rule or policy may contradict the Bylaws.

C: Rules and policies may be abolished or amended by a 2/3 (two-thirds) majority of members present and voting at a lawful Gathering.

D: By-laws may be amended as specified by Article X, below.

Section III: Rules and Policies File Book

The Scribe shall maintain a Rules and Policies File Book and shall record every rule and policy that is established. Each rule or policy shall be numbered and shall indicate the date of adoption, type (Organization or Elder) and any amendment or abolition, i.e. 10/99 Organization, amended 11/99. In the first month of each corporate year, the Scribe shall produce a list of all rules and policies currently in affect, and shall distribute the list to all members.


Section I: Organization Year

The Organizationís calendar year shall begin on the 1 (first) day of July and end on the 30 (thirtieth) day of June. The Organizationís fiscal year shall begin immediately at the conclusion of the annual Gathering and shall continue through the election at the next annual Gathering.

Section II: Nominations

A: During the April Gathering, the Scribe shall:

1: Read duties and requirements of each office.
2: Read any previously submitted written nominations.
3: Open the Gathering for nominations to participating members.

B: The attending membership may nominate one or more candidates for each office. Those nominated must meet the qualifications set forth in Article IV, Section I, E. The Scribe shall immediately notify each member by publishing the names of the candidates so nominated on the Web Page or through the mail.

C: Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the May Gathering, with each such additional nominee signifying his / her willingness to be a candidate for the office.

D: No write-in candidates will be eligible for office.

E: To be eligible for office, the candidate must be a member of at least 1 (one) year, be eligible to vote for the Corporate business, and must have attended at least 4 (four) Gatherings during the prior Organization year.

F: An Absentee election ballot will be accepted by mail, and must be received by the Scribe in writing 24 (twenty-four) hours prior to the Gathering.

G: If an election results in a tie, the Incumbent Elders shall declare a method for breaking the tie.

Section III: Annual Gathering

The Annual Gathering shall be held in the month of June, at which time the Elders for the ensuing year shall take office.

Section IV: Elections

The nominated candidate receiving the greatest number of votes shall be declared elected. All Elders shall retain their current positions until new ones take office.


Section I: Standing Committees

There are no standing committees. The Elders as necessary shall appoint committees.


Section I: Procedures

The Factor or Laird/Lady may draw on the Organizationís funds to cover Organization expenditures, based on the following procedures:

A: Administrative expenditures related to the routine business of the Organization may be drawn at any time, upon presentation of either a bill or receipt for the amount not to exceed $50 (fifty dollars) per bill or receipt.

B: Recurring Organization expenses (such as post office box) may be authorized subject to a monthly limit set by the Elders.

C: The Elders must approve All other expenditures of $200 (two hundred dollars) or less.

D: Any expenditure not authorized under A, B, or C above must be approved by a 2/3 (two-thirds) vote of the membership at a Regular or Special Gathering.

E: No signer on the account may sign a check made payable to themselves.


Section I: Grievances

Any member may refer grievances against a member for alleged misconduct. Grievances must first be brought before the Elders for review. If the Elders recommend proceeding, then written, notarized grievances with specifications must be filed with the Scribe in duplicate within a period of thirty days from the date of the alleged act. These grievances must be sent with a deposit of $10 (ten dollars), which shall be forfeit if such grievances are not sustained. The Scribe shall promptly notify the Elders. The Elders shall fix a date for a Hearing within the following 6 (six) weeks thereafter. The Scribe shall promptly send one copy of the grievances to the accused member by registered mail, together with a notice of the hearing and an assurance that the defendant may personally appear in his/her own defense with or without counsel and bring witnesses if he/she wishes.

Section II: Eldersí Hearing

The Elders shall have complete authority to decide whether counsel may attend the hearing, but both complainant and defendant shall be treated uniformly in that regard. Should the grievances be sustained, after hearing all the evidence and testimony presented by the complainant and defendant, the Elders may, by majority vote of those present, suspend the defendant from all privileges and functions of the Organization for not more than 6 (six) months from the date of the hearing. If suspension is deemed insufficient, the Elders may recommend expulsion to the membership. In such a case, a suspension shall not restrict the defendantís right to appear before his/her fellow members at the ensuing Gathering that considers the Eldersí recommendations. If found guilty, a complete transcript must be put in writing and filed with the Scribe. The complainant or defendant shall have the right to appeal the decision of the Elders at a Regular or Special Gathering within 60 (sixty) days but not less than 30 (thirty) days after the Eldersí decision. The membership can supersede the Eldersí decision by a 2/3 (two-thirds) majority of those present and voting.

Section III: Expulsion

Expulsion of a member from the Organization may be accomplished only at a Gathering following an Eldersí hearing and upon the Eldersí recommendation as provided in Section II of this Article. Such proceedings may occur at any Gathering held within 60 (sixty) days but not earlier than 30 (thirty) days after the date of the Eldersí findings. The defendant shall be permitted, if present, to speak in his/her own behalf. The members shall vote by secret, written ballot on the proposed expulsion. A 2/3 (two-thirds) vote of those present at the Gathering shall be necessary for expulsion. If expulsion is not so voted, the Eldersí suspension shall stand.


These Bylaws may be amended by a 2/3 (two-thirds) vote of the members present and voting at any Gathering called for that purpose. The proposed amendments must be embodied in the call for such a Gathering and published on the Web Page or mailed to each member at least 15 (fifteen) calendar days prior to the date of such Gathering.


The Organization may be dissolved at any time by the written consent of not less than 2/3 (two-thirds) of the members. After payment of all the debts of the Organization, its property and assets shall be donated to a non profit charity selected by a 2/3 (two-thirds) vote of the members.


Section I: Gatherings

A: Gatherings

At Gatherings, the order of business, so far as the character and nature of the Gathering may permit, may be as follows:

Call to order
Introduction of Guests and New Members
Installation of New Officers (if June Gathering)
Minutes of last Gathering
Report of Elders
Report of Laird/Lady
Report of Scribe
Report of Factor
Nomination of New Officers (if April Gathering)
Election of Officers (if May Gathering)
Unfinished Business
New Business - General Order
Invitation to Join

B: Gathering of Elders

At a Gathering of Elders, the order of business, unless otherwise directed by majority vote present, shall be as follows:

Minutes of last Gathering of Elders
Report of the Laird/Lady
Report of the Scribe
Report of the Factor
Unfinished Business
Old Business
New Business


Robertís Rules of Order, as revised, shall be used in at all Gatherings.

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